RBI Launches UPI123Pay, UPI Payment Will Be Without Internet

by Isabela, Friday, 6 May 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched its own UPI payment system called UPI123Pay . Today in this post we are going to know about this new payment feature of RBI. This is such a UPI payment that will work without internet and no smartphone is required for this. Till now all the payments are done from internet through some UPI app like GPay, PhonePe and BHIM.

Till now, all the UPI payment systems work from the Internet and they should also have a smartphone, only then a user can transfer money from the bank. But in India, most of the population lives in villages and many places do not have proper internet facility. With this, there are many people in the country who cannot buy a smartphone, in such a situation this system of RBI is going to be very useful.

The Reserve Bank of India is going to benefit crores of people from this new initiative. In such a situation, if there is a person who does not have both internet and smartphone, then UPI payment can also be done from any of his keypad phone. What is UPI123Pay for you here? How to use this phone without internet? You will get complete information about this.

What is UPI123Pay?

‘UPI 123Pay’ (UPI123Pay) is the unified payment interface system. Which has been started as a new service of RBI. Through this, a user can transfer money to the bank without internet and the way payment is done through UPI from Paytm , PhonePe and other apps, with internet, all that work will now be possible without internet through UPI123Pay. .

According to a 2021 report, there are still about 44 crore people in the country who use feature phones. In which the internet cannot be run nor any application can be used. In such a situation, so many people were deprived of the most effective payment system of the country, but now with the UPI123Pay system, these 44 crore people will be able to use digital payment.

Now payment will be done without internet

As everyone knows, cashless transactions are being promoted under Digital India and India is the number one country in making digital payments, if we buy goods worth Rs 10, then pay with Paytm or PhonePe. In such a situation, 44 crore people who had survived the digital payment system till now. Now with this initiative of RBI, they will also join this mission.

UPI123Pay has been created so that people can make payments without internet and more and more transactions can be done online so that cash flow can be reduced. Now any user will not need internet to transact money if they have a normal phone. Even then, he can easily send money to someone or take payment from anyone.

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said that in the financial year 2021-22 in the country, people have done online transactions of 76 lakh crores. Which was 41 lakh crores last year and this year through this new payment mode, this number will cross 100 lakh crores.

RBI Governor also launched UPI 123pay helpline

People take time to understand the new system and in such a situation, RBI has also issued a helpline. By contacting on which people can get the solution of their problems. This will be a 24×7 helpline which has been specially created for UPI123Pay users, in such a situation, if there is any problem in making payment or using, then the helpline will get immediate solution.

Any person can get information from this helpline named ‘Digisaathi’ through website ‘Digisaathi.com’ (www.digisaathi.info) and phone numbers – ‘14431’ and ‘1800 891 3333’.

How to use UPI123Pay?

As you must have come to know that this is an offline payment system. If this normal keypad will work on the phone, then no application will be required for this nor the QR code system, it will be directly connected with the phone number and payment can be made using it from there.

Till now most of the people use USSD system to make payment without internet which is not easy. It is not easily understood by everyone and its response time is also not good. In such a situation, the user does not know whether it is working or not, but this work will be very easy through UPI123Pay.

RBI said that at present four types of transactions can be done based on four technical options.

  • Calling IVR (Interactive Voice Response) numbers.
  • App functionality in feature phones.
  • Missed call based method.
  • Proximity sound best payment.

All of you can take advantage of the UPI123Pay payment system and not only other users with feature phones can also use it. If it is in a location from where payment is to be received or sent, then this method will work without internet. You can use it and share in your review comment how did you like the new payment mode here.


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